I am an editor, originally from Kitchener, Ontario. I spent my first few years in the industry working at a small production company doing avid grunt work. It wasn't until I started at Alliance Atlantis on the stop motion series "Henry's World" (first as a PA, later being promoted to Assistant Editor and later Tech. Director) that I felt my career had really begun.

The next step for me was Fusion Television, where I was hired as an Assistant Editor for the popular design shows "Divine Design" and "Colour Confidential."

At Fusion I worked my way up to Editor, cutting on the 2nd and 3rd Season of the exterior design series "Take it Outside". From there I went on to cut on the 4th and 5th season of "Colour Confidential," as well as an episode of "Divine Design" and 2 episodes of "Fearless in the Kitchen."

In 2010 I formed my own company Rogue Planet Post Inc. and struck out into the freelance world.

In addition to my professional work as an editor, I enjoy taking on what I like to call “Sanity Projects”. Small projects that are radically different from what I do in my day job. Such as small comedic shorts, Bravo Fact films, playing with found footage, and developing my own ideas. One such idea was a short web documentary series called Storm hunters. (A collaboration with several friends) Stormhunters was later picked up and run as a special by The Weather Network.